Berlin Fairy Tales


2024, Berlin

There are eight pieces I’m here to sharing with you.

Berlin Fairy Tales applied my personal feelings and confusion, which focus on self mental care and how to locate myself as a migrant. animal apears this project, They help me amplify my voice.

I find most of the materials on the streets, including a piece of wood board, a curtain, glass, and stones - anything that makes me feel related.

As the big cluture difference between East and West, I rarely have sense of participation in public. I know I could not allowed myself being outside of converstations anymore. That's the reason I would use both English and Chinese as the title of my pieces.

The rain is too heavy, no one can hear my words. Even myself.

Something ridiculous is getting serious

I also want to be a wolf so that no one can interfere with my behavior


I'm this, I'm that

a slot on the ground

a cup of hug



︎︎︎远远地,我看到一只 猪
I saw a pig