The sounds of balance 1

An experienmental performance playing with light, shadow and sound.

Installation made by local olive branch and beach stone.
Audience from local town.
The performance was showed in Kardamyli Primary school courtyard .

2022, Kalamata Greece

Live performance-4mins
performer dou dou/Marcia

- For the continuation of the primary school and the @periplusworkshops

According to local policy of kalamata, a school must have at least five students to remain operational, yet this particular school currently only has four. Consequently, it is slated for abandonment after the summer term.

However, there is good news to be shared. Thanks to the success of the summer workshops and the remarkable creative work of the workshop team, local schools have expressed interest in disseminating the knowledge gained. As a result, the workshops are now in the process of developing experiential introductory sessions for primary and secondary students in the wider area.
a part of the installation