about-------------dòu dou 窦豆

Hi, I’m Dou Dou, an illustrator and artist from Jinan, China, now based in Berlin. I work with multiple forms of design and art; most of my work is narrative and time-based. I am interested in subtle yet significant emotions, and I hope my work acts like a megaphone to gently amplify the voices of these small details to you.

Starting in 2015, I worked as a costume designer in Beijing's film and TV drama industry for over two years. In 2017, I took a gap year in Australia to explore the outside world. Through this trip, I slowly clarified my preferred living environment and my priorities for the following years.

In 2020, during the pandemic, I moved to London to study Performance Design at Central Saint Martins College. After my studies, I worked at the university and drew illustrations for children's books. In 2023, I moved to Berlin, finding my voice and striving to better navigate and partnering with the real world.