about-------------dòu dou 窦豆

Hi, I’m Dou Dou, an illustrator and artist based in Berlin. I work with multiple forms of design and art; most of my work is narrative and time-based. I am interested in the subtle yet significant details, and I hope my work acts like a megaphone to gently amplify the voices of these small details to you.

I worked in Beijing's film and TV drama industry for over two years, starting in 2015. In 2017, I took a ten-month gap year in Australia to explore the outside world. This experience helped me clarify my preferred living environment and my true priorities.

Since 2020, I've been studying at Central Saint Martins in the performance design department, expanding beyond my costume design background to explore various art forms.

Starting in 2023, I've been working on two children's book projects as an illustrator and continuously exploring my freelancing journey.